Q. What happens if I enter the wrong name, address or postcode?
A. If the parcel has NOT been booked with the courier, we will change the name/address/postcode.
If the parcel has been booked the courier will NOT accept any changes and the parcel will have to be re-booked, you, the buyer/customer. will be responsible for ALL additional charges.

Q. Can I pay with a Cheque or Postal Order?
A. Yes. (UK ONLY)
Please contact us BEFORE sending cheques or postal orders.
You can also email or phone your order in and then post your cheque/postal order. The cheque and postal order must be received by us and both must clear before the order will be accepted. This will obviously cause a delay in you receiving any goods, even longer for a custom made box frame.

Q. What happens if the glass gets broken in transit?

A. Glass is a prohibited item for Parcel force/couriers and cannot be insured. It is therefore, supplied free of charge, if it gets broken in transit it is the customers responsibility to replace it, We do endeavour to make sure that the item is well packed to reduce the possibility of breakage.

Q. What is the maximum size of glass you supply?

A. Due to the flexibility of glass the maximum size for glass: 20 inch x 20 inch category. (Box depth remains unaffected for all sizes). You can order a frame without glass and take it to a window glazier who will cut glass to fit.

Q. How do I size when ordering for the frame?

Ae.g. 10 in x 8 in will will be the glass size, meaning the actual viewable area will be smaller, the box holds the glass in place.
This must be taken into consideration especially when ordering fixed, flush sided frames as these have fillets which hold the glass in place, they reduce the viewable area. So you may have to order a larger 

This especially important with the inclusion of a Mount Board Surround which will affect both the internal and external sizes of the Box Frame e.g. – For an item to sit in a mount board aperture, a minimum of 2 x 2 inches must be added to the frame size, (one inch on all four sides).

SO an item 10 in x 8 in the frame size MUST be a MINIMUM of 12 in x 10 in.......If you are unsure please contact us as mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards.

Q. How long will my order take?

A. This does depend on the size and type of order, generally at least a week for one box frame, as all box frames are made to order, we do not buy in ready made frames or box frames.
Flush sided box frames take longer as there is more work involved in making them.
If they are to be painted as well, this will add additional time, we like to leave the paint to dry for at least 72 hours before being wrapped up.
If you are in a hurry for a box frame please contact us prior to ordering.

Q. How do you deliver your goods?

A. We generally use MyHermes on a 3 – 5 day delivery as they are the cheapest (no one likes paying delivery charges). For smaller parcels we may use Royal Mail 1st or 2nd class.

If you would like a faster delivery we can use ParcelForce 24 or 48 hour delivery. There is an additional charge for these services, please contact us for actual costs.
24 hour or 48 hour delivery times for custom made items - this only applies on completion of order.
We do not make money from delivery charges you pay the actual charges we pay.

Q. Where do I go to track my order after the item has been shipped?

A. Go to: www.myparceldelivery.com

Go to 'Tracking' enter your tracking number, including prefix letters.
This can take up to 24 hours to show in the couriers system.
If you have any questions please contact us.

Q. What type of glass do you use?

A. All glass is 2 mm float glass (picture glass) unless otherwise stated

Q. Do you send send overseas?

A. Yes, however, we do not include glass you would be responsible for getting this in your own country.

Q. Are import duties included in the price for overseas order?

A. No, you the customer/buyer, will be responsible for any and all taxes your country applies to imported goods.

Q. Are deep box depths made from a single piece of wood?

A. Yes, unless otherwise stated..

Q.  What thickness of wood do you use?

A. Up to 3 inch box depths - 15 mm thickness
      Oak 18 mm thickness

Q.  How do I handle the frame/box?

A. Always take care when handling the box frame, especially those made from pine.

ALWAYS place something soft under the frame when taking apart to avoid denting or scratching the surface of both the frame/box (and your furniture).

Natural wood is prone to shrinkage or expansion with heat and/or humidity.
If you hang a natural wood frame/box frame over a radiator, in full sun or a bathroom this may have an adverse affect on the wood.

If you are framing any sort of sugar craft items or similar be cautious where you place the frame/box frame, avoid heat and humidity.

Be aware that conservatories can get extremely hot.

 Q. Are coloured frames and boxes bought in?

A. We no longer supply painted or stained box frames.
If you want a coloured frame you can paint, stain, varnish etc.

Q.  Items with 'Free Shipping'.

A. Items with 'Free Shipping' have the delivery costs calculated in the total price.
If these items are returned you will be responsible for return delivery costs, please ensure you get proof of postage. We will deduct out actual delivery charges before making any refunds, once the items have been received by us.
This does not affect your statutory rights.

Q.  What is the largest frame size you supply?

A.  Due to the collapse of City Link couriers the maximum size we can supply is from the 20 inches x 20 inches range, box depth  remains unaffected until notified otherwise. Larger sizes available for local delivery, within 20 miles of Aberystwyth or personal  collection.

Q.  Can I return items?

A. Please see 'Cancellations/Returns'.

Q.  I have box frame from another company, will your box frames be the same?

A. This is unlikely as we make our own individual box frames.

Q.  What is Iroko?

A. Iroko is a west African hardwood, the colour is similar to walnut, darkish brown with a black fleck. Each plank will vary in colour. (Personally reminds me of hen pheasant feathers).

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