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Ready Made Hardwood Box Frames
Check out our ready made 'Hardwood Box Frames'
Oak - Walnut - Mahogany - Ash - Lime - Iroko etc.

Hinged Front Opening
You can order Hinged Front Opening box frames under:-
Custom Made Box Frames'

Box Depths

  • Box depths range from ½ inch up to 6 inches and can be ordered through the site.

The internal finish of the box frames is usually mount board (various colours available). This gives a clean tidy appearance - you can, of course, put your own lining in.

Frame Sizes

  • There are over 100 sizes listed, if the size you want isn't listed, please contact us with the size(s) you require.

Most of of our box frames are made from pine, which means you can put your own finish on it i.e.

  • Plain pine, waxed, stained, varnished, painted etc.
  • You can now choose Oak as an optional extra
Ready Made Box Frames
We do have a growing selection of ready made items in Hardwood.
All of our hardwood frames are made on site, which means we can make them bespoke sizes. This is dependent on availability of hardwoods.

Solid Oak - Chunky Frame
Solid English Oak - Frame & Box
Chunky Frame - 38 mm x 20 mm Moulding
10 in x 6 in x 1 in
Ice White Mount Board
Detachable Frame & Box
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